Meeting Duke.


I have wanted a dog for a long, long, long time. We always had dogs around as children. My husband and I have been talking about getting a dog for ages and ages.


We had a lot to consider: breed, cost, whether we have the time, insurance costs, the size of our home… the list goes on and on.  Finally, we decided now is the time to expand our little family… so the search began. Not long ago we came across Duke. Duke’s owner felt she couldn’t handle him anymore; he is MASSIVE, 8 months old and full of energy. We both did lots of research and spoke to other owners. We didn’t know how we would feel once we laid eyes on him but we went to go see him and we fell in love with him. I will admit his size at first was scary! He is a beautiful mastiff cross ridgeback, he’s a big boy, but a gentle giant. We went to see him and I was shocked at just how much I loved him… before we even got home I was sure. My husband, the more level headed of the two of us, and I discussed and discussed Duke. After calls to the vets, the company that runs our quarters, the guard room, my granddad (who is a sounding board for life decisions), my best friend (another sounding board) and another discussion between ourselves over a McDonalds we have decided to bring Duke home.


So stand by! Duke arrives on Sunday and I’m sure I will fill you in on how Duke is getting on with one or two or more blog posts…


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