“What you’re not drinking?”

Cue face of pure horror and disbelief, yes I’m afraid sometimes I just don’t want to drink. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I’ll drink (I love my gin and cocktails) and sometimes I will just have one! And sometimes I just don’t want to, thank you. I’ll admit I’m very rarely drunk, I like a happy buzz or giggly state. But I’m not a massive drinker. Nor will I drink every day.

Alcoholism runs in my family so quite often I try not to get in the habit of a glass of wine or a cheeky gin every night (just in case!).  But I kind of think that’s beyond the point. If, like me, you are the non-drinker or ‘two-glasses-and-I’m-on-the-juice’ person don’t let anyone make you think your not fun. But I still don’t judge my drunken buddies when they tell me 10 times they love you and then puke on my shoes (I’ve been there a few times).  And I still rock that dance floor as though no one is watching.  I’m not sure when it was decided that drinking 10 shots of awful coloured liquid made you fun? I can’t quite figure out where the logic came from.

These days most nights out are in the mess. And drinking is quite often part of army life. I’ve had some amazing sober nights and I’ve had some amazing drunken nights (Halloween 2014 where I puked up nonstop the next day… jelly worms soaked in vodka are not my friend!). And wine definitely helped me through uni (red wine was the key to every 1st assignment I’ve ever gotten).

I cannot cope with a hangover… OH MY GOD. Hangovers are the worst, being sick is the worst, that yucky dry mouth feeling is the worst, that headache is the worst. Sorry dude if I’m not drinking because I like to be a fully functional person in the morning. I want to go for my run, go to work and of course to nurse my husband’s hangover (because I’m a nice wife and he looks cute when feeling pathetic).

I’m not going to criticise anyone for having fun, sometimes an obnoxious drunk can drive you crazy (and I’ve met a fair few), but it’s definitely a personal choice. But I still think every drink I turn down with a smile will be followed with utter shock. And probably the odd comment of me being a total party pooper. Although I get sick and tired of the criticism for not drinking, I know nothing will change. People will still look on in horror as I have a can of coke while everyone else is on the vodka.

Sorry for the rant!

Enjoy this weekend’s drunken or non-drunken antics, tomorrow is our Burns night party… so I’ll be on the port!

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