Duke’s 2nd week

So Duke’s second week with us is coming to an end! And he is making progress. Duke has gotten over his fear of puddles; he now likes to bite the puddles and jump in and out of them, which is hilarious to say the least. He’s still struggling on the lead but as soon as we put the extending lead on he’s happy as a bug in a rug. I’ve been letting him off the lead in the tennis courts where I know he’s safe and sound and unlikely to bolt after another dog. He also had his first off lead session on an empty beach and loved it. He seems more relaxed on walks with his tail in the air rather than between his legs (something his previous owner had told us).

We have been trying to socialise Duke as much as we can and it seems to be doing him a lot of good, he’s a big baby and just wants to jump all over dogs and their owners. But right now he’s learning to sit and wait for them to go past without jumping all over them like a looney dog. Once he’s gotten over his excitement he is really friendly and has a sweet temperament. He loves cuddling and thinks he’s a lap dog! I love cuddling up and watching a film together, he loves trying to get on to my lap whilst I do my makeup for work and the husband loves lounging around with him to watch the football!

Duke has moved on from puppy food to big dogs’ dinner but hate to say it his trumps stink!! Some people have said this is a ‘pedigree’ dog food problem. I have no idea but too scared to swap to a different brand while he is in a new home and only young! But definitely going to have to deal with this stink bottom situation, especially as he loves to trump on us or near our face!

I’m a bit of a clean freak so he has had to get use to the vacuum cleaner (poor pooch) he’s stopped running away from it thankfully. Although he has decided the mop is a thing to fear and dashes away as soon as he can.

We have had no accidents in the house (woohoo!) but his toys aren’t quite cutting the mustard and are destroyed pretty quickly so I have ordered some ‘indestructible’ toys (we will see if they are Duke proof!) and I spent £200 in pets at home on some lovely new toys and a nice big bed! The new bed is definitely making a difference he looks so much more comfortable. One of his new toys is a pterodactyl … who doesn’t love watching their dog bound over to them with a pterodactyl in their mouth!

He definitely has his own little personality which is coming out more and more, he’s very loveable and cuddly but is also a little cheeky! Sometimes he definitely only half listens to me.

He loves watching the people and other dogs from the window while I’m at work or busy cleaning, I think this may have been the first time he has had access to such a big window all day, he loves it! And I love coming home to find him waiting for me. Duke seemed to get a little anxious when we went upstairs, he would scramble onto the window to see if we were leaving through the front door whenever we closed the living room door. This meant he would chew things when we went to the toilet (the poor welly boots!). Since we put a stairgate there so he can see us either leave through the front door or head upstairs we have had no chewing. I’m no doggy psychologist but not knowing where we were going seemed to cause him to chew.

Me and the hubby have enrolled the help of a dog trainer so soon Duke is off to puppy school! Hoping to help duke with some of the little things he is struggling with, some things are new to all three of us so we are learning as much as Duke is!

Dukes 3rd week starts today, the husband is away so it’s just me and Duke for five days.  


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