Having a dog…

Dogs are great… They are cute, snuggly, loveable bundles of fur. But they definitely change your life!


Goodbye sleeping in… the dog needs a wee so you need to go and let the dog out, can’t sleep in or there may be a puddle when you eventually get your lazy bottom out of bed. Or in my case with a big dog, he might get bored and eat your furniture while you snooze away as punishment for not coming down to play. Hello cuddles while you’re having a lazy day (after the walk is done of course)! Dogs do a good job when it comes to keeping your feet warm! And they make great company when you’re all alone for your lazy day.


See you later immaculate house! Thanks to dog hair and toys everywhere I’m hoovering twice a day! Duke likes to follow me around and then hide from the vacuum and mop. He also likes to untidy things behind me!


Cheerio simple walk to the beach. Hello let’s take 45 mins to sniff every bush, tree, fence and person on the way to the beach! And in my dog’s case, let’s bark at the waves because they are the enemy. Hello to company wherever you need to go, company that will make you laugh when they do daft things!


Farewell petting other dogs in peace… Hi jealous puppy who suddenly wants all the attention possible!


Goodbye eating in peace… ooh what have you got!!! Although we have mastered sending him to bed while we eat. Hello holding your plate above your head while telling your pooch to sit continuously while pleading eyes beg for a mouthful of people food as though he hasn’t been fed in weeks.


Bye bye dropping by the house quickly to grab something, the dog needs to give you all the attention, right there right at that moment in time.  But hello feeling loved every time you walk through the door whether you have been gone 3 minutes, 3 hours or 3 days.


Goodbye staying away from the house as long as you like, sentences along the lines of “we can’t stay too long because of the dog” have become the norm but we have a very happy doggy who loves spending time with us!


Having a dog does change things, for us definitely for the better. Two things no one is ever prepared for: just how much they love their pooch… and the farts.


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