100 days of happiness day 3: music. 

What made me happy today??

Music! Or more specifically some really old and long forgotten songs. Popped my earphones on and iTunes on shuffle and set off for the dog walk.  After a few well listened to tracks some brilliant songs I had forgotten where even on my phone come on. Cue big smiles. 
Some tracks are linked to fantastic memories . It really did put me in a great mood. There’s a great mix of genres on my phone and definitely some embarrassing guilty pleasures, some cheesy tunes and some emotional ballads. An eclectic mix of pop, rock, country, Indie and rap. I definitely still listen to music from my teens and am not the least bit embarrassed! A musical theatre lover and quick to download the album of every show I see there are more than a few show songs on my “recently played” play list. 
I must admit I’m guilty of singing along while on my run and belting out songs in the house (my poor husband and puppy). I’m also one of those awful people who when they don’t know all the words make up the rest!! 

Although not particularly musical myself I like to pretend I am and sing with the confidence of someone who isn’t completely tone deaf! 

Will be putting iTunes on shuffle more often! 

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