100 days of happiness day 5: a cup of tea from my husband…. no realy

What made me happy today??  
Might sound ridiculous but a cup of tea made by my ever attentive husband.

I’m working a function tonight. I’m feeling a wee bit stressed and I need to get ready. I get out the shower and there is a cup of hot tea waiting on the dresser….my husband is brilliant. It’s a small act. But what I needed. My husband has the amazing ability to do what’s needed at the right moment (he also has the ability to annoy me more than anyone else on the planet). A cup of well made tea at the right moment can soothe the soul! 

I’m a tea addict of epic proportions. My best friend even brought me a tea advent calendar last Christmas! If I’m grumpy or sad I’m quickly presented with a hot cupper. 

In our house there is a strict morning brew routine; if your up first you better make the brews!!! Both lovers of a brew there’s often lots of discussion, once up, as to who’s turn it is to make the tea.

I’m a lucky lady…. who has to go to work now. 

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