100 days of happiness day 6: A lie in. 

What made me happy today??  
A lie in.

Working till 1am leaves you tiered. We have a big dog who gets me up nice and early for attention; so I wasn’t anticipating a lie in. Cue the wonderful husband getting up with the puppy dog. But also bringing me tea and letting me get an extra few hours of shut eye. 

 A lie in truest the best; lazily dozing in bed while the rest of the world turns. 

A lie in is almost as brilliant as a mid day nap!!! 

There are three types of perfect lie in situations.

The unexpected lie in: Like Today’s. A lie in that you weren’t anticipating. Weather it be caused by cancelled plans, a helpful husband or any other reason. An unexpected lie in brings joy!

The I forgot I have responsibilities lie in: when you have forgotten to set the alarm. Oooops. The lie in is glorious all the same. Even if you have to work twice as hard for the rest of the day. 

The holiday lie in: surely one of the best! When you have nothing to do. So you don’t do it! 

I won’t be getting a lie in tomorrow!! 

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