We are not afraid. 

Like most people I watched the news in shock today. The horrific events in London show there are few countries untouched by the epidemic of terrorism. I won’t pretend to be an expert on terrorism or to understand the fear those who witness these attacks must feel. These acts of cowardice and pointless hate are made to divide us. Made to cause our way of life to crack and crumble under their pressure.

 Throughout today’s horrific events there is one ray of sunshine; the general feeling of unity.  Messages of sorrow fill social media but thankfully not ones of hate. Hate can only spread more hate . 

Stories of bravery have emerged as time passes and facts become clear. Human beings going above and beyond to protect and care for one another. Yet sadly the thin blue line has become thinner and my prayers like many go to his family. A true hero and a reminder that we are protected by special individuals. My heart goes out to all those effected by today’s events and the tragic loss of life. 

These event naturally cause us to become scared. fear can not be all consuming. We must choose to not be afraid. To not back down. Im proud to say Britain will not bow to terrorist. Will not live in fear and hate. 

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