100 days of happiness day 9: bingo with the ladies. 

What made me happy today?? Bingo!
Today was bingo day. I’m rubbish at bingo as I’m too easily distracted, much to my friends annoyance, but I loved it!! Someone coughs and I’m looking in there direction rather than focusing on the numbers… which then means I’m trailing behind. Possibly loosing out on a 

win ( none of us won). It’s nice to go out with friends from work and be able to relax, chat, eat too much and loose at bingo. 

It’s great to have the opportunity to chat freely with all the time in the world. With no worry who is around. Not like work when you have a 3 second conversation before heading off! I’ve discovered my bingo skills are lacking and although we will be going out again I’m under no illusion that I will win. £20 for a night out. I’ve never appreciated what a bargain a night out at the bingo is! 

Looking forward to our next night out.

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