100 days of happiness day 11: husband is home.

What made me happy today?? My favourite human is home after a week away. 

The husband is home!!! I’m use to him being away but it always feels like 1 day takes 3 or 4 to pass. Just him being back makes the day brighter.  Knowing he was coming back made me feel 100% happier and I was even giddy at work!! 

He’s home at last. So as soon as I’m back form work I’m swept up into a massive cuddle. We walk the dog together, have a pint in the pub mid walk then curl up on the sofa together. I of course fall asleep and the dog does too. My kinda day. 

Whenever he goes away I miss him so much. Whether it be for a day, a week or months. Intent on staying busy I tend to take on all the big jobs in the house while he’s away. So when he comes back I’m not just emotionally tiered I’m physically exhausted too. After years together with him going away it still feels the same. I still feel like a bit of me is gone. Still feel a little grumpier in his absence. A little less happy. Rolling over in bed and him not being there seems to make me much more restless. But I’m glad it’s still feels the same!! I must admit having a dog makes it easier. I’m glad for the company and the cuddles. It stops the house feeling empty. 

Even after just a week; from the moment I see him I feel happier 

Pub time today. 

My favourite human. 

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