100 days of happiness day 14: FaceTime with the best friend.

What made me happy today?? 
FaceTiming Becky; my best friend . 

A good chat, gossip and a moan. Definitely brings a smile to my face. Especially when it’s ur best friend and you can say what you like without fear of judgement. The only thing missing was a glass of wine. 

Having a long distance bestie is sometimes hard as you don’t get to see each other nearly as much as you would like. So it’s brilliant to catch up; even if it has to be over the phone. 

We try to meet up regularly but life is rude and gets in the way. So FaceTime is the best tool. Despite it  freezing at times, it’s a pretty good tool. 

Becky and I have not always been long distance friends. We have gone from seeing each other almost everyday to not even once a month. That’s got to be against the law! There are some clear universal truth about long distance friendships: 

1. You never feel like you have completely debriefed them on life events. Phone calls just don’t do it. 

2. Arranging FaceTime sessions becomes a vital part of your week. 

3. You bank things in your head to tell them later.

4. You know it’s going to be awesome when you finally see each other. 

I’m lucky to have an awesome best friend. Becky’s the girl that got me through Uni, took me on an awesome hen do, was my bridesmaid and was one of the first to travel down to see our new home. She also came down to stay when my husband was away and I was feeling far too sorry for myself!! Which can’t be a great thing to have to deal with. She’s been down to see me loads since I moved but in MayI’m  going to see her and I’m already getting excited!!  We are going to be doing two of my favourite things: running in a race and eating ! I couldn’t hope for a better best friend…. I just wish she lived closer. 

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