100 days of happiness day 15: the dog walk. 

What made me happy today??
A morning walk with my beastie. We were also luckiy as it was followed  by another walk with both my beastie and my husband later that evening.

I love a dog walk. We do several a day (a necessity when your dog is as big as mine). This morning’s walk was down and on to the beach and was nothing short of brilliant. Why was it so lovely?? I can’t put my finger on it. There is just something brilliant about a good walk, in cool weather, down to the seaside.

Unsurprisingly dog walking is actually good not only for a dog’s health but for the owner’s too. Just like most forms of exercise it has physical and mental benefits. So it’s good to know we are starting the day well for both my an Duke. To be honest for me it’s just a nice positive way to start my day. The view was also lovely and there weren’t too many people around so we had most of the beach to ourselves. A real bonus. I was lucky the weather was nice and cool; I like it when it’s not to warm as I melt on the way back up the hill. 

Me and the pooch made it out again on our own. But our 3rd and final walk was with my husband. He always makes me laugh the way he talks to Duke the dog as though he understands complex sentences. Duke just does his own thing. We managed to give him some time off the lead which means we had a happy dog come home time. He was also pretty shattered which means a peaceful night for us!! 

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