100 days of happiness day 18: a run with my dog. 

What made me happy today??
My puppy is making progress with running! We even tried with a waist lead and we ran 2km without him getting excited and running off  dragging me along the road in the process. When you have got a dog as big as mine you don’t want to get dragged anywhere!! The waist lead was a scary prospect but he was pretty good on it. He seems to love a “walk” at top speed. 

Because he’s only 10 months I’m being careful with how long we go for; he’s still growing and don’t want to cause any damage to growing bones. But his progress is surprising good. Most importantly he seems to realy love it. 

I love running but it can be a lonely sport at times. So a run with a partner is always the best. A dog is a partner that doesn’t judge, moan or brag. A good partner indeed. 

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