100 days of happiness day 19: The seaside. 

What made me happy today?? a walk down to the seaside and along the beach! 
*i didn’t post this yesterday as I fell asleep after writing it!* 

The seaside is definitely the place to be.

I can’t imagine not living near the sea. Salt air, sound of crashing waves and sea shell hunting; what more could you want!?!?

I love everything from the salt it leaves on your skin to windswept hair on a breezy day. 

Nothing like dipping your toes. Whether it was on purpose or unexpectedly is irrelevant. I’ll visit the beach rain or shine. Apartly the UK has more than 7000 miles of coastline ( an interesting fact! I think it includes all the tiny islands?) so I suppose it’s very British to love the seaside. 

If there is a beach to explore , a new one or old one, I’m happy. I could have been a million times and I would still go again.

To top it off I was with my favourite human and our pooch. We have visited quite a few beaches in the last few years; one of my favourite being in South Wales.

I’m sure we will explore many more!

Yesterday’s seaside adventure. 

Lulworth cove. 2017

Pembrokeshire: broadhaven. 2016.

Tenby. 2016

Bournemouth beach. 2016

South Wales. St Govens. 2015.

Bournemouth beach. 2017.

Tenby. 2015.

Lulworth cove. 2014.

Bournemouth beach. 2012.

Weymouth. 2011. 

Lulworth cove. 2010. (Obviously one of our favourite beaches) 

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