100 days of happiness day 21: the people.

What made me happy today?? 
People. The people that raise us up and make our day better. Those people who make my life better; make me feel more positive. I know it’s pretty broad. It’s been one of those days. Today would have been a really rubbish day if not for those wonderful people who do little things to make it so much better! The work friend who makes me laugh and listens to me when I moan, the friends who send me funny messages, The lovely man who always signs for my packages, my husband who makes tea and gives kisses and lots more people who contribute to the goodness; all of them made my day happier!! 

These are the people that change our perspective. They go out of the way to be kind or make our days better. When your in a grump they lift you from the gloom. Of course there are always people who are the opposite to these lovely people. The ones who bring the gloom. The ones who undoubtedly make your day worse; and social media gives us much better access to both types of people!! But I suppose it’s always much better to focus on the good. You don’t get anywhere being unkind. All you can do is focus on the wonderful people and aim to be the good in someone else’s day.

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