100 days of happiness day 23: Leaving work early.

What made me happy today?? Going home 50 minutes early. 

It’s only 50 minuets. But that’s 3,000 seconds of extra freedom!! I enjoyed my day at work but that still meant an early finish is something brilliant. There is so much you can do with an extra almost-hour In your day. So much that you can achieve. So much you can decide to do.

I love finishing early; whether it be half an hour or a couple of hours. There is just something fabulous about it. That Friday feeling but on a normal week day.

I was pretty ecstatic for my early finish and with the sunshine glaring down in all it’s glory; we went to the pub beer garden!! A walk to the pub for some sun, sea , sunshine and a pint! With my favourite human and my favourite puppy. Really couldn’t ask for more!

Even though I only go home early when I have needed to stay late the previous day; it still feels like your getting something for free. Who dosnt like a free be?? 

I chose not to catch up on the laundry, cut the grass or do the food shop this time, but when you have a free 50 mins you have to make the most of it!

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