100 days of happiness day 24: old photos

What made me happy today?? 
Looking through old photos.

A scroll through my phone, Instagram and Facebook. Smiling at all the wonderful old photos. Whether they are days, months or years old. I love the connection to a happy memory. Swiping through photos because I was bored lead to a search for photos I hadn’t seen in a while and a mental note to print and frame them for my photo wall ( a growing feature in our house). These photographs remind me of how far I have come, how much life has changed and how brilliant some of these memories where. Feeling very nostalgic and sentimental right this moment. 

I’m always snapping away with my camera or phone. My poor husband and dog are always having cameras pointed at them. I know there is often the worry we forget to live in the moment when we have a camera is in our hands. But for me using the camera is living in the moment as well as capturing the joy for later! Like bottling up the happiness you feel right that second; to be opened when you need a bit of joy in your day. To help you share the happiness around . Even when you may not be feeling down, low or bored a bit of extra happiness doesn’t hurt. Every time I look at my phone I smile because of the photo shining up at me.

So I will unapologetically bottle up all the happiness there is; because who doesn’t need a bit of happy on a dull day?!? 

Our photo wall (featuring the dog!)

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