100 days of happiness day 28: cooking my favourite dinner.

What made me happy today?? 

I’m getting more and more confident with cooking, I cook every night, but my most favourite thing to cook will always be fajitas. After a busy day: music on and dinner on the go = perfect. They where dead yummy too!!!
After spending years avoiding cooking, and months fretting about it when we got married, I love to cook now. Previous I would get so stressed it was unreal. I loving it when I know what I’m doing! And I know how to cook fajitas. 

We haven’t had them in ages which made it extra yummy. We use to have them every week. Thankfuly  now I’ve learnt to cook lots of difrent dishes we don’t always have to eat the same things. Which is probably a good thing! My confidence is boosted by the fast we are both still alive! I’m glad cooking doesn’t  cause me stress anymore … mostly because I love eating. As I’m the main cook in the house reduced stress when around the oven is always good thing . 

The major turn of events is that I even like cooking when I’m anxious or stressed . Never thought that would happen. But it helps to keep my mind busy and has a nice tasty result. 

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