100 days of happiness day 29: sweets. 

What made me happy today?? 
Junk food. 

Sugar is always good. Especially when it takes the form of jelly sweet goodness. I’ve just been out and bought a mass of sweets; right now I’m not bothered about my waistline. I’ve newly discovered a big positive about living on camp. The shop. It’s open late. There is junk food. There’s fizzy. It ticks all the boxes. I bought way too many sweets. But I’m enjoying it all the same … and I can spread the joy to tomorrow. Tonight I’m sharing ; tomorrow I don’t think I will!!! (maybe with the deserving). 

I’m a pig when it comes to sweets. And I’m not ashamed. It’s good to enjoy food!! And how can you resist sweets?? I ran today so I can eat double right????

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