100 days of happiness day 30: my husbands whimsical purchases. 

What made me happy today?? 
What my husband buys on line. 

My husband buys the funniest stuff online. At times he’s an ingenious shopper (the ‘air sofas’ for the beach a prime example. I would have never of thought of that! Aswell as All my birthday and Christmas presents).  Then sometimes he’s down right daft (the bike light… when he didn’t even own a bike). Sometimes he buys the funniest things. 
I have to say in general he’s a pretty good shopper as long as he’s allowed to do it on the internet. Walking around shops with him can be a nightmare. But he is king of online purchases. 

Today’s possibly ingenious but definitely funny pitches a sgts head BBQ: I can’t yet tell if this is daft or brilliant .

So hears to lots of BBQs in this rather funny BBQ;

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