100 days of happiness day 32: An early morning.

 What made me happy today??

Waking up early. (YES REALY)


There is something lovely about waking up early. Taking the day easily. Unfortunately I don’t have the bank holiday weekend off; but I do get to start work later and that is a win. I love an opportunity to stay in bed and waste a few hours snoozing…but I also love an early morning with crisp air and time to spare. I still woke up naturally which is probably what put me in such a good mood. It’s a nice change waking up and not having to rush out to work. My normal 30 minutes of running around trying to find make up, shoes, hairbrush and my tea that I’ve misplaced five times already. A frantic 30 minutes of trying to not wake up the rest of the house hold while simultaneously trying to remember where I put my keys. 

I spent my harmonious spare hours walking the dog and relaxing. A nice lazy walk followed by cuddling up on the sofa watching silly TV. Silly TV is always good.

Most early mornings like this are all about the morning run. Getting out and covering some distance. I love the early morning air and a chance to catch the tail end of a sunrise. It feels like a productive way to start a day… but today I thought I would let my husband sleep in. He deserves it (But don’t tell him that). 


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