100 days of happiness day 36: A Beautiful Birthday. 

What made me happy today?? It was my birthday and my lovely husband did everything he could to make it wonderful. 

He brought me tea in bed … then we had a picnic and Buck’s Fizz down at the beach; the weather was glorious. 

We spent the day together relaxing, just us and the dog, and I must say it was a pretty wonderful birthday.  I’m feeling very grateful and very loved. 

The weather has been so beautiful all day and the sea looked almost tropical (but was freezing). What more could you ask for?? 

After the hike home we snuggled up to watch a movie. I’ve been using “it’s my birthday” as a way of getting the husband to make brews all day (win!) and he’s done so accordingly; but I’m sure he will make me pay for that one tomorrow. 

I really enjoyed having a low key birthday especially after the last year has been so full off madness and excitement.

I’m a big lover of birthdays I think they are brilliant. Whether it’s mine or someone else’s. It’s a wonderful opportunity to celebrate someone you love or even just life itself (although I also love my birthday lots because I get presents and it’s an excuse to drink wine). We definitely don’t celebrate people enough. They are an important part of our culture and lives. And birthdays have cake.

Like most every year on my birthday I reflect on how much life has changed compared to the year before. How much I’ve changed and all the wonderful things that have happened. I’ve had such a fantastic year but I still can’t believe I’m 25!?! I’ve changed and grown so much. Here’s to another year of happiness and whoever’s birthday is next on the calendar.  🎈 

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