11 weeks on; and Dukes 11 months old!

I love our puppy! He’s 11 months old today and brings so much joy. His behaviour improves more and more every day and he’s learning lots of tricks. 

I’ve started trying to train him so that when we say “bed” he gets straight into his bed with out us having to say it several times. He learns a trick so quickly… but conveniently forgets it when there is something more interesting about! I’m looking for some fun tricks to teach him to mix it up a bit! A little trick he’s taught himself??? Bringing me the post to be opened ….

Duke’s a big dog. He came to us after being rehomed so inevitably he came with a few bad habits (jumping up being one of them!!) but he is the most loving, friendly and daft creature I have ever come across. Being a big dog understandably he isn’t for everyone. Some people even cross the street to avoid him, which I will never understand, I wouldn’t want to make someone uncomfortable so I roll with it. Some dog walkers even act like it’s Duke’s fault when their dog is aggressive towards him… Duke just freezes or runs under my legs! It irritates me sometimes when a dog is barking, snarling or growling and they are still left off the lead; even though their owner’s futile attempts to call them off fall on deaf ears. This upsets me even more as my dog is on a lead. So it’s pretty bad manners!! And seems a recipe for disaster.

You never know what a rehomed dog has or hasn’t experienced. Duke was so uneasy in new places when we first got him, constantly crying and visibly agitated, but he is so much better now. So much more chilled and confident within himself. In light of this we have been slowly introducing him to new places. We go to beaches, cafes m, pubs, any walking route we can think of. We even took to my Grandparent’s house yesterday where, instead of constantly being agitated and on his feet, he laid on the floor and went to sleep. That was till my Gran’s little terror of a dog got her revenge and woke him up (probably due to the fact Duke had chased her round the kitchen). This had happened not once but twice! We did however leave on a positive note as my niece loved him. He was so good and so gentle with her it was very nice to witness. 

At a cafe by the beach. 

Chilling out at Gran and Granddad’s.

He still thinks he’s a lap dog; sometimes he cries if I don’t cuddle him. I think it mostly comes from being handled a lot as a puppy until he was too big; in our house there is no such thing as too big for a cuddle.

Dukes half ridgeback and these dogs need lots of exercise. So I’ve been taking him out running with me. He’s getting better and better at it! He is slowly becoming more focused on the run and less focused on sniffing and weeing everywhere. I’m not brave enough to run with him off the lead as we have not had much success with comeing back when called… we have employed the tactic of running away from him so that he follows , laying on the ground and even ignoring him. These only work to bring him within a few meters of us. It’s strange though because when he is off the lead, faced with minimal distractions, he’s pretty good! He only wonders a few metres ahead and surprisingly listens to commands to wait (until we are a few metres away). I’m so keen to get him to come back when called so any suggestions are welcome!!! 

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