12 weeks with Duke: the week he decided to be poorly!

I can’t believe it’s been 3 month today. This week Duke decided to eat a massive pile of sheep poo!!! (Because clearly sheep’s poo is as yummy as can be!). He was so so poorly the next day. He was lethargic, out of sorts and just wanted to cuddle up and not move. He didn’t keep pestering me for a walk and didn’t keep bringing us his ball. Poor Duke just kept going into the corner and smacking his lips, licking his mouth and snout; then he started the awful choking noise. I felt so sorry for my poor pooch!! I’ve had dogs before so I was prepared for dog sick… my husband wasn’t!! My poor husband who followed the dog around with a bucket in a futile attempt to catch any vomit if need be…. needless to say it didn’t quite work and luckily when he did eventually throw up it wasn’t too bad! When I looked at his sad little face (the dog’s not the husband’s) I thought I was going to have to call the Vet. Luckily he perked right up the next day and himself again. I don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband so concerned.

Poorly puppy! 

After he was feel better Duke has had loads more time off the lead. Running around like a mad dog and he absolutely loving it. It’s great because every time we let him off the lead he gets better at listening to us and better around members of the public. 

Beautiful boy.

He also loves a game of fetch! But likes you to chase him to try and get the ball back! We have been using a secondary ball to make him come back and drop the first; rather than just comeback in order to try and intise you into a game of tug-of-war or lure you into chasing him for the ball.

Decpite his love of fetch he did destroy his favourite ball; which meant a trip to pets at home and spending far too much money on balls, treats and dog toys. 

I love pets at home but when we registered for a VIP card they seemed to process our details slightly wrong…. registering Duke under the name of “puke” …. as if I would call my dog puke????

We have been for lots of walks up and down hills. An exhausted Duke means he like to snuggle up and take up as much space as possible. He seems to think he owns the sofa! But he’s too cute to wake up in order to reclaim space. 

I’ve restricted Dukes food intake in preparation for him being neutered so this means weighing his food and keeping his intake in check… but I till let him have some banana milkshake after a long walk! 

The next week is going to be a new challenge… next weekend will be the  first time I have left him since we got him. And the first time we have had someone else take care of him! Fingers crossed he behaves! 

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