100 days of happiness day 42: a hot bubble bath. 

What made me happy today?? Soaking in the bath after my run. 

What ever I’ve done with the day, whatever has worn me out, a bath is a good way to wrap it up.
Sometimes after a long run I have to shower first because I get so hot a sweaty!! 

Unfortunately I’ve run out of bath bombs… so bubble bath it is. What better way to end a run??  Baths are so underrated. I’d end every day with a bath if i could, bubbles as high as possible, as hot as I can cope with and preferably with glitter!!! 
A lot of my runner friends swear by ice baths … but I’m not brave enough for that. 

There’s no picture to go with this one as I didn’t want to inflict that horror on you! 

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