Bucket list update: number 25.  Read an Agatha Christie novel.

I’ve been wanting to try out an Agatha Christie Novel for I while. Well I finally did and to be honest I really enjoyed it! I love programs based on her work. Especially after a day doing house work, chilling out, with a cupper and a snack.


I chose “The Murder at the Vicarage” just because it’s the first that came up on amazon. It was a wonderful read. A Miss Marple novel, the first in the series, it wasn’t quite what I expected. The narrator being the vicar and not old Miss Marple; but this offered an amusing perspective on the protagonist. The little old lady who knows everything in a village of little old ladies who talk too much but know too little. The novel does contain some older terminology but it’s pretty easy to grasp and adds to the charm of the story. The twist and turns are intriguing and characters are amusing. I did really love the take on village personalities and human nature. I’m so in love that I have actually down loaded the next two books in the series so I need to keep finding time to read. I love the idea of an old lady pottering around solving murders in a very polite manor alongside dithering well-meaning police detectives. I can normally figure out the killer in TV programs, which leads me to believe I’d make a good amateur detective (yes I know in my dreams!) but I didn’t guess this one; even more importantly I didn’t want to. I wanted to watch as the characters tried to figure it out!


The dogs walked, the teas bewed, time to start the next one!


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