100 days of happiness day 47: Days out.

What made me happy today?? A fantastic day out. 

Yes a chill day is fabulous, a day at home is nice, but you can’t beat a day out. A big day out. Whether it be the zoo, a castle, theampark or event. Today’s outing: Twickenham for the Army V Navy rugby match (which I will blog about properly I’m sure).

I like ‘day out’ where the activity starts nice and early; in this case champagne breakfast at 7am. Mostly because I get excited about the days events and wake up bright and early. This way I can justify waking my husband up to. 

What’s even better than a day out?? a day out with great friends… and that’s what we got. We don’t often go on days out or away with other people. We tend to just go out together so it was a nice change. But we didn’t have to do any of the organising or time management as it was done for us. 

I’m so shattered now as it was a very busy day but I enjoyed it so much. I got into the match way more than I thought I would. My voice is killing from shouting. To top it off Army of course won!!! As we knew they would. They played fabulously and prince Harry was even there! The atmosphere was absolutely brilliant.

Im a great lover of days out so i try to organise several big ones throughout the year and I’ve really been looking forward to this one! It didn’t fail to deliver. Drink flowed throughout the day… I’m not a huge drinker but I had a fair few; my husband a few more. I think we will both have soar heads and be shattered in the morning. 

I’ll get planning our next day out. 

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