Bucket list update: 83 attended an Army Vs Navy game.

The army navy game went on my bucket list because I always hear so much about it. How good it is and what a great atmosphere it has.

This weekend we finally went . It was the 100th annual Army  V Navy game. It was amazing. The whole weekend was fantastic. It’s actually the first professional rugby match that I have been to! And what a good game to pick. The atmosphere in and out of the stadium was fantastic. My husband (Karl) is in the military but we didn’t go with his regiment, instead we went with our friend and his core the SASC, Of course we still got Army V Navy t-shirt with his regimental badge on! The only two in the group.


We didn’t stay in London but in Warminster and travelled up on the day. It wasn’t far really and by coach it wasn’t too long at all. There was booze on the way. And booze is good. We stopped off at fleet’s station for more dink. Again the atmosphere was so good.


When we got to London the streets where absolutely full of Army and Navy fans.  Despite the crowds everything seemed pretty well organised. Everything you needed was in or around the stadium. Thankfully. There were lots of port-a-loos dotted around (which you need with all the drinking) as well as a lot of street vendors selling all sorts of food. They must have made a killing as every single one had a queue. Dotted Around was also lots of Police and MPs but they were pretty chilled and didn’t pay most people any mind.


Army WON!! Of course. The game was really good. I haven’t even seen a rugby match on tele for ages but I really got into it. I’m pretty impressed that I knew most of the rules. My throat is killing today from all the shouting. Karl wasn’t sure on the rules and part way through he started cheering for England!! I think the nutter had had too much southern comfort! The army’s side played wonderfully and the navy got quite a few sneaky points in at times it looked like they could catch up. But they didn’t. GO ARMY!



We had tickets for the infantry tent but it was jammed full of people so we mostly hung around the stadium. the grounds where also packed; everywhere you looked more people. Lunch did cost an arm and a leg but in the queue we were chatting away to navy supporters who were absolutely lovely. Both sides where happy to take the micky out of themselves and each other. We got chatting to lots of random people. There where so many people there you end up chatting to all sorts, even prince harry was there, although we didn’t chat to him (unfortunately). I love that no one wears their military rank so everyone chats freely (rather than being on their best behaviour when someone of senior rank walks in).


We will definitely be going again! I think I’m a rugby fan in the making.

And I have added to the bucket list: 108. Attend an England rugby match.




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