100 days of happiness day 50: puppy pals. 

What made me happy today?? Doggy play dates.

 Dukes has a ‘little’ friend. They absolutely love each other. Today we went to go see him and his owner. Watching them play is so funny. They roll all over each other, nip each other, jump on each other and make a silly amount of noise! All though it looks rough and just abit caotic when they pay they absolutely love it. I like seeing Duke around other dogs because he doesn’t often get the chance; he’s so big other dog owners are a little unsure. But this playmates the right size and can boss Duke around abit (which he needs). 

 Watching them fight over the ball is particularly funny,  as duke tends to grab the ball then run away from us, seeing someone else do it to him isoddly  satisfying. Even if that someone is a Dog!!

I realy do love seeing Duke play with other dogs… it’s also nice to chat to their humans! 

Dogs are definitely good for you. Having a puppy undoubtedly fills our days with lots and lots of extra happiness and oodles of laughter . Duke is a constant source of laughter and he gives the best cuddles I’m convinced they may even be the cure for sadness!! 

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