100 days of happiness day 51: eating whatever I like. 

What made me happy today?? Food. 
I’ve just eaten whatever I wanted today. Damn the consequences.  

 Safe to say I’m not dieting, eating clean or trying to be remotely good. I don’t eat awfully; I just don’t apply any rules to what I can or can’t have. I’ve been running a lot so that’s my excuse for snacking but if I’m honest I really don’t need an excuse. I’ll eat whatever I want anyway!!  

I wish I could be one of those girls who eats grilled chicken salad two times a day and doesn’t eat two breakfasts… but that’s just not me I’m afraid. Unfortunately I don’t think that it ever will be! The food is too good and the self control too little. I wouldn’t say I was massive, but I could probably stand to cut back on sweets, for now my love of food out weighs my want to wear size 6 jeans. A size 10 and a bowl of chips dose me just fine! 

Today I stuffed my face… and ran 6 miles so I did okay. 

About to run today. 

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