Week 13 and 14: Duke the dog. 

So he was good while we were away!! Woo hooo… not an ASBO dog. We went away for the weekend and the puppy sitter was my brother. My amazing brother. He did a very very good job! Duke liked him. In fact he seemed to like him a lot. Although when my brother first arrived he did sit inbetween us and bark in my ear, you know incase I didn’t realise there was another human sat on the sofa, but there was no growling or ridiculousness. By all reports he was pretty well behaved and wasn’t a pain in the bottom; he did have the odd sulk and begged for attention at times. 
It was very cute when we arrived home and he got all excited. The crazy puppy rolling around the floor. He insisted on snuggling up for a few hours that evening. 

In the last two weeks we have seen a huge change in Duke’s obedience. He seems to have calmed down even more and is suddenly following even fairly new commands pretty quickly. Our newest challenge has been getting him to sit in his bed when we come in the house, instead of jumping all over us, he got it much faster than I anticipated. I’m pretty impressed I must admit. The second time we tried it he jumped in his bed and waited for me to release him; his bottom did hover a few inches from the bed at first. Now he lays down tail wagging ready for cuddles. The first time he jumped in and out of the bed 6 times!!!

His recall has gotten better too. As long as we have his ball. He will do anything for his ball. That’s why we have two identical ones! No ball= no interest. That is until he’s decides he is interested in getting some attention. 

One ball to throw and one to call him back. 

We did have a trip to the vets this week. The clumsy hound seems to have knocked himself and caused a nice big bump. We didn’t know what it  was at first, which caused the initial worry, but he seems fine now. The little lump reduced and he seems happy. 

Dukes had another play date with his buddy Murphy. They are so funny together and they just seem so excited to play. Murph is a lot more obedient than Duke so I’m hoping Dukes will learn from him. He’s also a lot more dignified than my daft animal too. But I love my goofy dog. 

 I’m away again this weekend so hopefully he will behave. I miss him already and it’s only been two hours. 

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