100 days of happiness day 53: Best friend adventures. 

What made me happy today?? Time with my best friend.

Long distance friendships aren’t always easy but when you have a best friend like mine they are ! 
We always make a plan to do fun things when we meet. We like having adventures. We have done cocktails in sky bars, museums, zoos, aquariums and all sorts of wonderful things. 

This weekend was no exception: Today we did the Brighton obstacle Color Run!! It was awesome. We’ve done quite a few different runs together in the last year. This was a pretty good one. 

The run itself was pretty easy but the obstacles where fun and I love the paint !! It’s always funny looking at the before and after pictures. 

It’s definitely a good run if you’re a beginner (or with a beginner) or just wanting to have fun! The ground is so uneven you do have to watch your feet. We got the obligatory race day T-Shirt but got a cool “swag bag” aswell.

It was also my first time in Brighton! I quite like it. Parts of the city are really picturesque and the beach was lovely. We didn’t stay long as we were covered in powder paint!! Long enough for a bite to eat and to see the pier. 

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