100 days of happiness so far….

So just over the half way point and I’ve come to a realisation: I need to celebrate the amazing things in my life more often, appreciate all the things that make everyday a happy one and be a bit more grateful. 
I know I have a good life but I rarely think about all the positives in my day. Mostly I think about my life overall rather than think about each day. At times having to pick out just one thing that made my day has been really difficult. 

When I’ve had a really bad day there has always been something to feel good about. Actively thinking about the positive also meant I went to bed feeling much happier if I’ve had a rubbish day. The act of thinking “what’s been good?” Made me feel even happier. 

 I’m also going to make more effort to ensure that those around me have positives in their day as others have often been a source of happiness for me.

There is solid academic support for the idea that happiness and Positive thinking can improve life expectancy as well as over all health. So more happiness in the day is a good thing!!! 

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