100 days of happiness day 56: my snuggly puppy.

What made me happy today?? My dog keeping me company and cuddling me while I was poorly. 

I had two days of migraine hell! A day off work, pain killers and several ice packs. 

My bouncy dog was really good, he was nice and calm and snuggled up for over 7 hours, rather than driving me mad desperate to get out the house. He seemed to know I was poorly and was as good as gold. 

I managed a walk with the dog; After his walk I was violently sick! Sometimes the pain and pressure of the migraine makes me realy ill. Duke just was sat nicely waiting for me when I came downstairs. Thankfully as soon as I sat down he snuggled up. We both slept for most of the day till I felt better. 

It’s much better to have a cuddle partner when you feel poorly! Especially one who just sleeps and cuddles without talking. Duke seems to know when I need him to be a good boy.

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