100 days of happiness day 62: going to bed early.

What made me happy today?? Going to sleep early and knowing I’ll get a decent amount of sleep. 
Before my husband even turns around me and the dog are soundo on the sofa! An evening of stimulating conversation is ahead.

The doctor has recently discovered what’s been making me so tiered. Unfortunately there is little I can do but let my body sleep (the best medicine I could hope for!). Being extra tiered or not I love going to sleep early. 

The best thing about my impromptu early night: Knowing that when the 530 alarm goes off I won’t feel like a zombie. 

I deliberately chose to have a bit of a lazy day today as we where running around after work completing errands. And tomorrow isn’t a lazy one at all! 

There a few things better than snuggling up and snoozing without a care in the world!!

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