Week 15: Duke the dog. 

Oh boy what a busy week for Duke. We left off last week with me going away for the weekend. I had completely forgot that Karl’s Mum and Dad where visiting too (worst daughter in law ever). Cue some angst on my part as I left my husband and pooch for my weekend away; I was desperate for Duke to show how brilliant he is. To show off how wonderfuly behaved he can be and how sweet he is. Did he??? Did he hell! he barked at Karl’s dad, climbed all over people and pulled non stop on his walks… silly animal. 
I did hope that when I got home he would be a little better as his family where all back together. I’m not sure how much of a difference it really made. 

When I arrived home Sunday he was very, very excited. He jumped all over me and kept rolling around like a mad dog. I had far too many dog kisses… but It’s lovely to know how happy they are to see you. 

Duke did seem a little better with Karl’s parents. I think he just got use to them in the end. He does still however continually pant when they are in the house; but I suppose it’s all still abit new. He does seem to realy like Karl’s family but feels the need to keep an eye on what they are doing in the house.

They where down for the week so I did make sure he went on some walks just the two of us, or just him and Karl, so he got some time to relax and any guarding behaviour dissipated. 

I definitely worried a lot about him while I was away (unnecessarily so). He was fine. Just very happy to see me on my return.

The improvement in the weather has meant lots more walks as more hours of daylight means more opportunity to head out (although the sunshine was short lived). Duke has even spent more time walking off the lead ! Mostly early in the morning as I worry about him running up to unfriendly dogs. He’s just so desperate to play even with the most unfriendly pooches. All that aside I’m really proud of him and the progress he has made. He even comes back when called; if he wonders too far ahead I just turn around and walk in the opposite direction. This tactic I hope will teach him to watch me more closely and it seems to be working. He even managed to go on a walk with his friend Murphy while off the lead.

The only problem with being off the lead? he lays down in puddles which ends up in unplanned baths! Although he seems to half enjoy bath time now. 

We did have a trip to pets at home to top up on balls; Duke is extremely picky on what type of ball he will fetch. So stocking up on one type has become a necessity! We also have started spending more money on treats than we do our own weekly shop!! We end up spending a fortune. Duke isn’t complaining though. I admit I get abit carried away in the dog toy section.

We have added some tricks to his repertoire: he presents his paw as a ‘please’ , highfives and stands on command.

What shall I teach him this week?? He turns 1 on the 18th! 

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