100 days of happiness day 64: social media.

What made me happy today?? Browsing social media in my moment of boredom.
Now I know loving social media is controversial. As someone who’s worked in education and safeguarding; yes I see it’s faults, risks and downsides. But as an individual I love surfing instagram, catching up on twitter and scrolling through Facebook. I love posting my snaps (mostly of my dog), a few too many selfies (guilty) and sharing my latest run (yes I’m one of those). I love looking at other people’s snaps (my favourite are ones of dogs), reading about their latest news or adventure and hearing about their last run.

 Social media can not only be an effective cure for boredom, now and again, it can also serve as a source of information and the odd chuckle. I love the videos of pets doing silly things and memes that I send my friends. I also love keeping in touch with friends who have moved away and loved ones all over the country. I love their selfies and the pictures of their shenanigans. 

Due to the nature of the army we say goodbye to too many friends so it is nice to easily keep in touch. 

Today scrolling through different platforms definitely saved me from the pits of boredom. 

Yes I could live without social media; but in undeniably brings a bit of extra fun into the day. 

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