100 days of happiness day 65: dog walk.

What made me happy today?? A break from the madness to walk the dog.

The dog walk is constantly on my list of things that made me happy. I know it’s already appeared on the #100Daysofhappiness more than once. But it truly adds some sparkle to the day.

Today it was a break from the chaos. I worked all morning and all evening with a little gap inbetween. A little escape from the noise, cleaning, domestic tasks and to do lists.
In that gap I got to take a break, relax; I got to take a stroll with my lovely Duke. 

Sometimes it’s just nice to get out just the two of us. Plus he’s making so much progress it’s such a pleasure to walk him and see how much better behaved he is, the self control he’s learning and how much he enjoys it. I never thought we would get him off the lead so it makes me so proud when I see him off and being as good as gold. 

Dog walks are great for clearing your head and getting a abit of exercise makeing me feel abit less guilty for all the food I ate today. 

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