100 days of happiness day 66: New PJs.

What made me happy today?? I order my self some lovely new pjs and they arrived!

I ordered 3 sets even! And a new dressing gown. Why? I love PJs. I’m pretty sure it’s a slightly unhealthy obsession. And I may own more PJ sets than a normal human being should own. I might actually prefer it to new clothes. 

My husband is going away tomorrow, for a week, and new pjs are my go to when he’s away. Why? Because I’ll just spend my most of my day (minus work, dog walk and run) in them. If I could wear them to walk the dog I would and if it was socially expectable to wear them to work I would! Pretty much every time karl goes away I buy new comfies or PJs. 

I tend to see them more as ‘house clothes’ than ‘night clothes’ and I’d much rather stay in them than bother to get dressed. As soon as I’m in from a busy day I whip on a clean pair.  

Let’s hope our next posting doesn’t mean going away too often as I don’t know where I will keep them all. Although I buy all these PJs mostly tend to change into his Tshirt to go to bed!! 

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