Week 16: Duke the muddy puddle lover!

I think that muddy puddles may have a duke magnet inside them! Every time we walk near a puddle that contains a decent amount of mud my git of a dog is laying in it with a look of pure contentment on his face. He looks ever so pleased with himself and I’m left with a conundrum of how I wash the dog without bathing him 7 days a week; because neither he nor I am prepared for that. Plus I don’t think it’s particularly good for his skin. I’m worried he maybe doing it because he gets too hot on his walk but I’m also suspicious that he might just love mud!


Oh look MUD!



Pretty much every walk we have been on this week Duke has spent some time on the walk off the leash. I’m loving it, he’s loving it. I love it: One because he looks so happy and content and two because he is much better behaved when I do eventually have to put him on the leash again. He loves it because he’s not held up by the slowness of a human’s natural pace and he can wee and sniff left right and centre. When he is getting at least two walks a day, and much of that is spent running up and down, it is making him nice as tiered for cuddle time which is around 7 pm. Okay… for Duke its always cuddle time but at least if he’s exhausted he doesn’t fidget quite so much!


Off the lead and loving life.


Did someone say cuddle time?



We are still struggling with Duke’s recall!! Which means off the lead I have to keep an eye out for people just in case he goes running up for a cuddle … and they don’t want to cuddle. I have gotten so quick I even surprise myself sometimes I can call back and have a lead on quicker than you can say ‘fetch’. I have to still hold up his ball to call him back and if that doesn’t work I have to run in the opposite direction and call his name and tell him to “come find me”. I’ve started using ‘come find me’ since he and his doggy pal got lost in some dense bushes together. The hope is this command will get him use to looking for me when I call him. It does seem to be working when I have his attention. But just calling his name when we are walking along is quite often is met with further sniffing around and doing whatever the hell he likes. I’ve been working on just calling him back to me but unless I’m holding the ball or running away he aint interested! I want to be able to trust that his recall is reliable enough to let him off on public beaches and in other parks and fields. Any advice??

He’s getting a lot calmer and more controlled in unfamiliar surroundings as well as with unfamiliar people. We have taken him to the mess a few times; he’s now settling and relaxing rather than panting and acting stressed or running around like a mad dog. It’s nice because I feel so much more relaxed. I knew he would get there in the end. His mouthing is also something that seems to have improved massively of late; he rarely mouths and he rarely gets over excited when I tell him to stop! Win!

He’s getting better with other dogs off and on the lead too. But now and again there is the odd ‘humping’ moment. That while embarrassing is quick to put to an end. He goes in for his operation at the end of the month so I’m hoping after that there is no humping at all (or at least very little of it)

Today and yesterday I successfully walked him alongside someone else and their dog! Not the same group either! Different individuals and their pets. Admittedly they were all dogs that Duke knew and plaid with already. But we managed to walk alongside each other without him being a crazy hound and acting like he needs an ASBO! I’m pretty impressed with him. Although he played he focused a lot more on the walk and where we were going. It was really nice to walk together without the dogs being too excited. Duke did however lay in a muddy puddle but that’s a given.


Pretty Boy



To be truthful the muddy puddles are fine… till he jumps on my sofa and rolls around my carpet floors. What a nightmare! but then again I seem to be continually cleaning and tidy up behind him; toys, half eaten toys, blankets he has pulled about and moved around…. oh and the never ending hair. I know I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thursday was Duke’s Birthday!! He is officially a year old. Of course I made him a peanutbuttery treat! I felt like he deserved something almost birthday cake like in design for dinner. we bought him a little birthday present (two new balls but he’s not having them till his old ones are wrecked) and some special treats and titbits. Yes I know he’s a dog… but he deserves to be celebrated.  When researching his bread mix a lot of what I read suggested he would calm down a lot at the age of one. We have noticed a change in him in the last month or so, maybe they where right! He’s a lot calmer and a little less bouncy.

Well for most of this week it’s just me and Dukes as karl is away. I love having the company and he is extra snuggly like he knows I might be sad. He is a good boy.



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