100 days of happiness day 69: when a dog walk turns into a few Gins 

What made me happy today?? Yep apparently that’s a thing! If I had known we would have gotten a dog sooner!! 

Duke and I headed out for our 3rd walk at 630ish as he was being a pain… we came home gone 9. 
Why?? because we bumped into friends on our walk; both two and four legged . 

When gin is offered on the walk home you can’t refuse as that is sacrilege. Pus Duke and I love the company! 

Duke enjoys chasing and play fighting with his doggy friends and of course barking at them if they arnt paying attention to him.

I’m slightly convinced that this is only something that happens when you live on camp! I’m sure a walk round civi street would rarely result in a rink. But I think all dog walks should result in gin! But then I’d be permanently sideways.

I love gin; but rhubarb gin maybe my new favourite thing! It’s already on the shopping list. 

Sadly our friends leave soon and Duke and I are gutted. Duke looks for the dogs all the time and he has learned so much from them! Typical I make a friend just before they leave.

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