100 days of happiness day 70: getting my running mojo back!

What made me happy today?? I ran and it wasn’t hell!!

I adore running but lately it’s been disastrous, disappointing and down right annoying. I felt like I’d completely lost my ability to get going and enjoy the run. 
I was getting frustrated and annoyed… but out of nowhere *pooof* mojo back! Whatever magic this is I hope it hangs around!! I genuinely enjoyed the run but most importantly I didn’t feel like I was running through treacle.

I ran later in the day; even though I’d had 3 dog walks and a day at work it was fine! It wasn’t as warm as the sun wasn’t quite as high. I drank lots throughout the day and unusually for me I put on some new music. I felt so much stronger on the run .

It’s nice to not feel like a failure. I enjoy running and the feeling that I had lost that somehow was heartbreaking. Luckily it seems to have been a blip! I just needed to hit the reset button. 

Happy running

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