100 days of happiness day 71:  The glorious weather! 

What made me happy today?? The sunshine… or more importantly sitting out in it and relaxing.

I have a love hate relationship with the sun. Today was such a beautiful day! I love sunshine I really do; I don’t do so well in the heat. I must admit the sunshine today was truly lovely! It was ever so warm though…Cue only a short run as my brain was baking during my mid day run (I’ll remember to run in the evening again). 
My love/hate relationship with this summery weathers is not unfounded. I have the completion of a ghost, get warm very quickly and have the propensity to resort to hiding in the shade. I love wearing my shorts but there is distinct lack of pockets to put Dukes balls, poo bags, treats and my pass if I want to leave camp! Of course my dog has to have two on his walks. Which makes it a juggling act in shorts. I adore the feel of the sun on your skin but I burn within seconds (I burnt today). 

I’ll never be 100% sure if I really like summer. (I know I don’t like being a sweaty mess or burning). 

However having a nice walk in the sunshine early morning and later sitting in the garden, drinking a cold beverage, with good company and watching the world turn for an hour can do little but make you happy! 

I think I only like the heat when I’m relaxing in it 😎

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