100 days of happiness day 76: The “destress run”

I’ve not posted for last few days!! It’s been manic so my “100 day” post went on hold for a little while. It was just so crazy that as soon as I stopped I fell asleep! Hopefully after all the chaos of this week (including emergency vet visits and double shifts) things will calm down now and I’ll be awake enough to type!
So….What made me happy today?? A slow run! 

Like I said it’s been a stressful week. It’s been very emotional at times and I have felt just a wee bit stressed out from all angles, not just poor Duke popping his stitches, various things have just had me in tatters. We all have days like it. Unfortunately there has just been a few!

Finally I had the time to go on a proper run. For me there are three types of run: 

Pushing for speed and a good distance. 

The “plodding along because need to get a run in”. 

The “destress run” 

So the destress run isn’t fast. It’s controlled breathing, listening to classical music mixed with Alanis Morissette, Alisha’s Attic and some country music thrown in. It’s felling every change in the terrain beneath your trainers. I deliberately take it slow and absorb everything great about the run.  

Now my amazing husband has done his best to take the edge off this week, but sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands; or your own feet! 

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