100 days of happiness day 78: Cuddles and Twin peaks.

What made me happy today?? 
Cuddles with my boys and a few episodes of “twin peaks”. 

The poor dogs been put on bed rest after tearing out his stitches and Karl and I haven’t had the best week: it’s sofa time. Got the tea, blanket and season two of Twin Peaks. 

Now I don’t pretend to understand the show… I’ll be honest it’s crazier than a bag of bats. No idea what’s going on but we are enjoying watching it and trying to guess.

Lots of over acting, lots of strange interactions, a lady cradling a log, a strange giant and a (so far) unsolved murder. It’s bizarre but there is something I love about it. A cult classic, but before my time, I’ve done my best to follow the story (although I still don’t get the dwarf ?) . 

We have definitely enjoyed speculating what on earth is going on and laughing at certain points!

If you haven’t seen it I recomend giving it a go… and being patient with it. And of course I adore a chance to cuddle my husband and doggy. 

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