100 days of happiness day 81: A Successful Vet visit!

What made me happy today?? We went to the vets with Duke and he has not ripped out his stitches this time. 


We went to the vets and, despite the fact he has munched on his buster collar (also know as the cone of shame), we had a pretty easy and successful visit!
This is amazing because since his original visit we have had a few complications. Mostly due to the fact he wouldn’t leave the wound site and because he loves stretching and jumping around.

In general he was relatively calm in the vet’s for a nice change. Well behaved in general and pretty calm in the building. Which is especially good seeing as all too often he has been jabbed with needles or poked and prodded in that building.

This is our third attempt to keep the stitches in. It’s been traumatic. So for the vet to give us the all clear is brilliant. Although it’s going to be a slow heal; so it’ll be a while before he can escape the cone of shame and go off the lead. 

To be honest I’m just so releaved he’s okay. 

Pets hey?? They capture our heart and can bring so much joy…. or cost us loads of worry. 

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