100 days of happiness day 82: Dinner in the mess.

What made me happy today?? Mostly the fact I didn’t have to cook I think!

Okay, I don’t mind cooking, I even like it sometimes. Sometimes! It’s my working weekend and I finish at 1pm only to be starting up again at 6pm which normally means we have dinner apart. My husband cooks at home, well eats a very large bowl of cereal, I eat at work. Which I hate. I like eating together. So today rather than rushing to cook, so we could eat together, we popped to the mess.

OH MY GOD I ate far too much and I’m still feeling the size of a large multi story house. It was yummy. Totally worth the extra calories. The good thing about the mess is it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have dinner and unlike a pub you know most of the people in there. Its just nice to not rush around before starting work and I get a little bit of extra time with my husband.

Normally dinner in the Mess is followed by a drink in the Mess. But unfortunately got to be a grown up. Got responsibilities today (BOO HOO). But its a small bit of joy in a busy work day.


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