Week 19: cone of shame continues.

The saga of post castration continues. This week has been eventful.

Monday: I noticed more blood under his bandage. Full of panic I hoped for the best. He showed his distaste for the lack of walks by destroying a toy. and a brush. The git.

Duke protesting the lack of walks

Tuesday: his bandage fell off and it was revealed he had pulled his stitches. So so annoying. We had bee so close. vet visit inevitably followed. A very expensive vet visit. The poor dog was back under anaesthetic and back on the operating table.
We took him home Tuesday night with the cone of shame firmly on his head. It would not be coming off for love nor money; even if he did cry non stop for hours. He was given lots of medication and we had gone through another few hours of worry and we were going to do what ever we could to stop it happening again. 

Hand feeding him as he didn’t want to eat.

Wednesday: For the first day cried a lot in his lampshade of misery and, although he would eat, refused to drink. I think this was a protest. But because he had internal and external stitches he was able to got for a walk this time. Which was the only saving grace of last few days. The walk seemed to make him realise the cone wasn’t that scary. Soon he was running around in the lampshade: taking mine and Karl’s legs out every now and then, bumping into everything and going for a kiss and stabbing us in the throat with the edge of the cone. Watching him try to walk in the gale force wind was funny too, the cone waving and flapping around.

Thursday: the little bugger had managed to undo the cone!! He chewed the edges and caused an almighty mess. My husband solved the solution with heavy duty tape. Duct tape solves everything. 

Friday: He must have looked a right mess when we went to the vets Friday. Cone covered in black nasty. 

The vet seemed overall quite pleased. It’s all healing okay but slowly. Thank god it’s healing!!!! Finally it’s healing. Finally we are getting somewhere. I’d taken a ball to the vets and did as much as I could to keep him calm. He was a good boy.

We bought an inflatable cone so that it could prop up the plastic one. Anyone with a large breed of dog (long necked like ours) I’d recommend this double cone technique. Worked wonders for us.

So for the last tree days he’s been beating us up with his cone, trying desperately to still snuggle. But the saga might almost be over! 

Vets again tomorrow and I’v got my fingers cross that the she says we have made progress! To be honest he’s been realy good through out the madness (apart from continually ripping the stitches). 

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