Can someone please explain Twin Peaks to me???

So we just finished Twin Peaks. And my brain hurts. It might be the most random thing I have ever seen. Now I’m not using the word random like my 14 year old self, a little out of context, this show is utterly random. 
If you haven’t seen it there are spoilers ahead. Though I got so confused my spoilers might not even ruin it for you.

After the death of a girl Agent cooper comes to Twin Peaks, so far so understood, soon he begins to have dreams about the crime. And from this point on it takes a bizarre turn at every moment possible. There is a giant, a dwarf, a room with red curtains. Several strange story lines weaving into one weird wacky world of confusion and randomness. Agent Cooper is I believe meant to be a good guy. Straight shooting law man. 

I actually quite like the show even though I can’t get to grips with what’s actually going on. Sometimes I just gave into the idea that it’s meant to be surreal and wacky so best to go with the flow. 

Murder mystery meets Sci-fi meets a genre not yet named. 

So there are two lodges; one good one bad. And they are supernatural in nature. The government wanted them? Or/and The FBI? And a weird guy who killed people? I think. Correct me if you have seen it. As I admitted earlier I need help clarify what the shows is about.

There is a long cast of attractive women. Some of the men I recognise from other sci-fi programs. General Hammond from Stargate plays another military role. There is some bad acting and lots of melodramatics. 

Bob, who likes to murder people is some kind of evil spirit? Malevolent Demi-god? Demon? I’m not sure, Bobs definitely a bad guy though, I’m sure of that one. 

There are lots of weird interactions and agent cooper is often at the core of these. 

There is a lady who hugs a log… anyone who explains that one to me is a star. Also people seem to madly fall in love with each other after seconds and one weird interaction. Anne and cooper are madly in love after being on screen together for ten minutes. I’m also unclear on the redhead’s super strength?

When I think I’ve worked out small pieces of the story suddenly there are doublegangers and bombs? What on earth is going on??? And is agent cooper bad at the end??? 

We are about to start the new series. I think Agent Cooper returns to Twin Peaks…. will he be good or bad? My brain hurts. 

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