100 days of happiness day 85: Tea and scones !

What made me happy today?? I went for a brew and a scone with a friend; to maybe the best cafe I’ve been to in a very long time. 
The “boat shed cafe” in Lulworth cove is utterly gorgeous. The decor Is predictably and suitably seaside themed. I would expect nothing less as it sits overlooking the beautiful cove. 
I’ve not been before despite living here for a year now. And I’m so annoyed with myself as I was shocked to find they did soy milk; as well as dairy free goodies alongside their array of yummy looking cakes, cookies and sweet treats. The food menu looks good too!! And I’ll be trying it soon.

We had tea and scones. The scones where warm and delicious. Utterly delicious. 
The staff where wonderful and the view, well , the view was just perfect. 

The littles cafe’s double doors perfectly frame the vibrant cove. A brilliant place to sit and people watch this lovely cafe is also dog friendly. I’m looking forward to heading down on a windy rainy day with the dog and having a soya hot chocolate. 
I was also in brilliant company, so all in all, a pretty good afternoon! 

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